Joli challenge marketing pour un demes clients deux films à sortir le même jour


SOLO (Adventure/Thriller)

After a business woman reluctantly joins forces with her inventor ex-husband who has built the world’s first commercial flying car, rival companies and military factions want the technology at any cost.

DUET (Romantic Dramedy)

Upon reconnecting with her ex-husband’s rockstar client and every woman’s heart throb, Cass finds herself in a romantic triangle with two modern-day knights who want to protect her and the flying car company she’s helped build.
The production ($8.5 M US) plan for SOLO and DUET calls for filming in Alberta and/or British Columbia, Canada. The provincial governments are offering significant tax benefits to new film projects, in addition to a significant discount thanks to a strong US dollar.


Implementing the Hitchcock Knot

Both films are independently marketable and have pleasing endings that will tempt the viewer into seeing the other film.
Seeing both of the stand-alone films, in either order, gives the viewer additional story-lines and mysteries that are only recognized and solved if both films are seen.
Which movie a viewer sees first dramatically skews the viewer’s experience with the characters and the stories.
The films share select budgets including select scenes, characters, music, marketing and distribution, dramatically dropping overall costs.


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