Animation du Film Forum Mediawave 2011

Les deux sessions principales que j'ai animées pour Mediawave les 9 et 10 juin 2011 traitaient de l environnement online pour les festivals et le sponsoring.
Net-world pro film experience – international film and festival platforms on the internet, social networking sites, internet media

Internet is becoming the leading media for festivals and film makers... The media is growing the first strategical tool to communicate, submit, call for film, review, showcase, organise, sell...
It s a new digital world out there, new challenges for all festivals. How should festivals exploit the new opportunities to promote, scout, recruit…Time for best practice sharing.
Fest21: Fest pro social network and festival directory. Video blog platform for the festivals community featuring the festival directory (4500+) (Browse by deadline, date, country, genres, deadline for submissions...) and blogs from leading festivals and film makers.

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