Bruno Chatelin Interviewed here and there: a few references

This listing is of course NOT exhaustive at all, I know.... I should have filed them somehow, somewhere, or even HERE :-) ... for the future generations of festival goers (joking of course)

Explaining the Boyz'n the Hood Cannes success 

Festival experts Filling the Void and sharing tips with Bruno Chatelin, Sandra Lipski, Ivan Wiener Daniel Sol...

Bruno Chatelin Interviewed on filmfestivals for The Expert Process Podcast

Bruno Chatelin interviewed in Izvestia on Golden Globes http://dlvr.it/RMc2W2

Bruno Chatelin interviewed on festivals for Cine@art magazine of the 8th Bridges International Film Festival

Bruno Chatelin interviewed on the national Serbian TV http://dlvr.it/RNRtnN

Article from FAB UK by Tim Baros on Cannes about Bruno Chatelin with AFI Peace Initiative
Interview on Indie Entertainment Magazine – AFM 2019



Bruno chatelin interviewed on Production without Borders and French Riviera Film Festival

Bruno Chatelin interviewed on Kustendorf for national serbian TV

Interview with Bruno Chatelin and Olivia Hajiioannou (OH.) composer and director

Bruno Chatelin interview Cinéma de la Plage Boyz in the Hood Cannes Film Festival 2019

Bruno Chatelin being interviewed in Cannes 2019, on the beach before the screening (and my stage inyroduction of Justice ...

Bruno Chatelin keynote on filmfestivals strategy during LATC program at afm

FRIFF awards Bruno Chatelin with The Industry Excellence Award

Presentation on cinema de la plage of Singleton Film by Bruno Chatelin and Justice Singleton Cannes

28 years later John Singleton's daughter returns to Cannes to introduce Boyz n The Hood, selected to screen as Cannes Cassics.

Bruno Chatelin in Berlin

On screen presentation of Bilal by Ayman Jamal - Bruno Chatelin filmfestivals.com

Bridges International Film Festival: Masterclass with Bill Butler, Bruno Chatelin and Costa Ferri

Paleochora Lost World Film Festival 2019 - Interview - Bruno Chatelin & Olivia Hadjiioannou
Interview with Bruno Chatelin, VIP Guest Speaker, LWIFF Festival Partner, & CEO of FilmFestivals.com & Olivia Hadjiioannou, ...

Bruno Chatelin speaks about MIFF and cinema festivals

Bruno Chatelin interviewed on 2.0 marketing and filmfestivals (french)

presentation de Bruno Chatelin et de ses Usages 2.0 from usages 20 on Vimeo.

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